Filtration by Antunes

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Filtered water is a necessity in today's world. Poor quality water can impact all aspects of a foodservice operation. Off tastes and odors can ruin any beverage platform, and scale can cause significant maintenance problems on any piece of equipment that uses hard water.

Antunes is a leader in providing high-quality water to QSRs, convenience stores, residential homes, airports, orphanages, and disaster relief areas throughout the world. With ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and scale reduction technologies available, Antunes water filtration systems address the most common and problematic water issues, such as taste, odor, sediment, and scale, allowing operations of all sizes to improve their water quality.

Trust Antunes and our complete catalog of water treatment systems for your needs and see what better water can do.



Antunes is a leading supplier of water treatment systems. Our products address the most common issues with water quality, including taste, odor, chlorine, chloramine, and scale. Trust Antunes and see what better water can do.


Soft Drink

Filtered water is a necessity in today's world. Antunes has the products to help everyone experience all of the benefits of high-quality water, from improving an operation's beverage platform to bringing ultrafiltered drinking water to every faucet.



Antunes has named Splash as its corporate charity and supports the organization through financial donations from corporate initiatives and events. So far, we have raised more than $100,000 for Splash!