Creating A Reliable Toasting Solution For An International Fast Food Restaurant Chain

SITUATION: An American international fast food restaurant chain with more than 6,500 franchised and company-owned restaurants was seeking a reliable solution to toast sandwich buns.
EXECUTION: Understanding the chain’s requirements and desire to reduce operational expenses, Antunes began examining toaster options. Through the development, testing and review process, Antunes produced a horizontal variation of its Gold Standard Toaster with two toasting lanes — one for heels and one for crowns — for chain franchisees.

The customized unit employs the same dual-belt technology as Gold Standard Toasters used at other restaurant chains, which has proven reliability that results in significantly less downtime. This dual-belt technology eliminates bun defects such as sticking and marking and automatically breaks up buildup on the belts, allowing the unit to continue to provide a high quality toast.

Additional features of the unit include:

  • an energy-efficient design that reduces heat loss and prevents the outside surface from becoming hot
  • programmable controls that allow operators to make quick adjustments to the platen heater temperature and motor speed to ensure the desired toast quality is achieved
  • separate compression adjustments for the heel and crown sections of the bun, which allow operators to adjust the spacing between the belts to accommodate different bun types and thicknesses
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